Wendy Lyon

Wendy Lyon aka “The Financial Lyon” has helped clients avoid retirement and other financial risks for the past two decades. She’s dedicated her career to helping others avoid life’s unexpected pitfalls. As a young wife with daughters aged one and three, she tragically lost her 24-year-old husband in a motorcycle accident. As Wendy says, “There are no ‘do-overs’ in life. Once the disability, the diagnosis, or God forbid, the death occurs, it’s too late. Wendy’s on a mission to ensure others are prepared to face life’s unexpected twists with grace and security while building a robust financial future on a solid foundation that protects your most valuable asset – YOU.”

And with Americans $1.3 trillion in credit card debt and $15.7 trillion in household debt, Wendy wants to let the world know there is a solution. You will get out of debt in 1/3 to 1/2 the time – saving tens – if not hundreds – of thousands of dollars in the process – without changing your budget or lifestyle – guaranteed. Get free of debt and live the life you’ve always wanted but didn’t know you could have. Then let’s take that wealth you can now build, ensure you never outlive it, and create a legacy for generations to come. The Financial Lyon is here to help you rule your finances, so let’s get together and roar!

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