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Karaman Work Assist Canada was founded in 2008 in BC, Canada by the Executive Director Ph.D.Khoshgadam Karaman. Since 2008 the company has been promoted to education institutions in BC, Canada such as Vancouver English Centre, Columbia College, British Columbia Institute of Technology, Thomson Rivers University, F. Dickson University, Sprott Shaw College, The Art institute, etc. in the international educational market of the world. During the period between 2008-2016, Karaman Work Assist Canada provided consultation to more than 3000 international students individually and as a group and brought to BC, Canada over a large number of the international students, from the following countries: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Russia, Sypris, Turkey, UAE. Since 2011 Karaman Work Assist Canada is a member of CERBA (Canadian Eurasia Business Association: now re-named Canadian Eurasia Chamber of Commerce )

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