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Dr. Carolyn Stephens

Dr. Carolyn Stephens was born and raised in Brooklyn. NewYork and is a mother of three beautiful adult children. After graduating college with a degree in Fashion Design, Merchandising and Early Childhood Development Dr. Carolyn began her career serving as a private school teacher. It was her love for instructing children and parents within the underserved population that she discovered her desire to serve those who were facing social disparities which affected their mental health and well being. Dr. Carolyn changed her educational pursuits and graduated with a Masters degree in Psychology and a Doctorate in Theology. She now serves as a Clinical Therapist, Community Advocate, Anger Management Specialist, Children’s Behavior Therapist, Talk Show Host, Licensed Pastoral Counselor Womens Empiwernent Coach and a prolific public speaker for over 15 years. Dr. Carolyn is also a Best Selling author and Television Network CEO. Her education and life experience has allowed her to bring visibility to the cultural and social issues faced by the BIPOC community and serve clients in a very practical and profound way.

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