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About Us

Digital Dada, a 2020 startup solutions software company, launched Dada Card, its digital business card software. Despite an advanced product, sales were initially modest. Intensified strategic marketing efforts led to improved results, teaching us valuable lessons.

With rising demand, clients sought website development services. Initial sites were above average but lacked traffic. To address this, we offered free marketing consultations and built an in-house team for client success.

Today, clients profit from our websites, ensuring a high return on investment and customer satisfaction.

Our Mission Statement

“Our internal goal is simple: to provide small businesses with the tools and services they need to be successful online. Put simply, this means offering a modern website and the marketing tools and systems necessary to consistently generate revenue from their site. We achieve this by understanding the aesthetic and technical aspects of successful websites and delivering them to our customers. Additionally, we utilize our team’s deep knowledge and experience to create digital marketing campaigns that yield consistent results.”

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